About Us

With over 30 years of experience in the forging and import business, we can offer the best prices and delivery on a wide variety of steel and alloy products. Our state of the art factory in China is one of the best quality forging and manufacturing operations in the world. With on site forging, machining, milling and drilling capacity, all operations are done in the same factory where we maintain strict quality controls throughout the entire manufacturing process. Material heat numbers are maintained and recorded each step along the way to insure material traceability. All Orders are shipped with MTRs as well as any other required testing or documentation per order. TESTING COUPONS available upon request for Third Party Verification With this in mind, we can offer our customers the best quality and prices available. Our experience with ocean freight carriers has streamlined the shipping prices and we routinely deliver containers to the Port of Houston in 7 to 8 weeks from time of order. We also have a warehouse in Houston, TX where we maintain a complete inventory of items available for next day shipment. Although we are an importer, we also can supply Domestic Items for your requirements that require domestic only or quicker delivery. We are an American company, not a foreign agent and stand by our products and services to our customers. Any problems that may occur are handled directly with us and we can offer net 30 days terms from time of delivery for most orders with approved credit.


In business since 1992


City of New York DEP Approved Vendor


Markets we serve: Waterworks Fabrication, Pipe Fabricators, Oilfield Equipment Manufacturers, Pressure Vessel Fabrication, OEM Fabricators

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