What is ANSI B16.47 Series B

The ANSI B16.47 standard for flanges and flange fittings specifically deals with flanges with a larger outer diameter than ANSI 16.5. While the B16.5 ranges from NPS ½ to NPS 24, B16.47 starts from NPS 26 and goes on to NPS 60.

The ANSI Series B is a subset of B16.47, which varies from Series A in the context of dimensions and pressure rating. The Series B is favored for lighter pressure loads and temperatures than the Series A. They are lighter and more easily maneuverable, which makes them ideal for refurbishment and replacement.

Apart from basic dimensions, the Series B also has a higher number of bolt fasteners, with a smaller bolt diameter than the Series A. Due to the smaller bolt diameter, there is less movement at the point of fixation, which makes for a more resilient conjunction.

Both the Series A and the Series B comprise weld-neck types and blind-type flanges and flange fittings. However, in addition to these, Series A also defines ring-type flanges from Class 300 to Class 900 in this range. The Series B, though, does not.

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ANSI B16.47 Series B flange Dimensions

The ANSI B16.47 Series B comes in a set of 6 classes in total, namely Class 75, Class 150, Class 300, Class 400, Class 600 and Class 900. All of these classes come in weld-neck-type flanges for increased strength and resilience and blind-type flanges for sealing off openings in high-pressure environments. Below, a short tabulation is provided to give you the salient details


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