What are AWWA C207 Flanges

Flanges are regulated by different statutory bodies, which formulate preset standards for the industry to follow. They help to maintain uniformity across all companies and ensure that end-consumers get the best quality product. The American Water Works Association, or AWWA, is one of those bodies that set standards only for ring, hub, and blind flanges.

One such standard provided by the AWWA is the AWWA C207 flange. It is a Class-B flange designed for use in water pipes, both above and below the ground. This standard comprises ring flanges with a slip-on mechanism as well as blind flanges that are used to close off a network.

The AWWA C207 flange is designed for use in steel pipes and fittings and is equivalent to the ANSI/AWWA C200 standard. It is manufactured in varying sizes, ranging from 4 inches to 144 inches, or 100 mm through 3600 mm. In terms of safety, AWWA recommends that C207 flanges be welded to steel pipes.

What is the Pressure Rating for AWWA C207?

Flanges are categorized into different classes depending on the pressure per square inch or psi that they can withstand. It is important to remember that pressure ratings are calculated at atmospheric pressure, and differences in altitude and pressure may cause variations in the expected performance.

The AWWA C207 comes in four classes, namely Class B, Class D, Class E, and Class F. The Class B C207 has a tested pressure rating of 85 psi, while the Class D C207 has a pressure rating of 150-175 psi. Class E C207 has an even higher pressure rating of 275 psi, and Class F has a maximum rating of 300 psi. Note that these ratings are for rings and blind-type flanges only.

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AWWA C207 Flanges Commonly Asked Questions

What is the bolt length of AWWA C207

The bolt length is determined by adding the thickness of the (2) mating flanges plus the Thickness of the gasket, plus 2 times the thickness of the nuts and the thickness of the washer.
Note: Per AWWA C207 – Bolts are hex head UNC Thread

What is the difference between AWWAC207 Flanges and AWWA C228 Flanges?

The fundamental difference, apart from pressure ratings, is that C228 is the AWWA standard for stainless steel flanges, while C207 is the AWWA standard for carbon steel flanges.

What is the maximum pressure for AWWA C207?

The maximum pressure that AWWA C207 can withstand is 300 psi, which is obtainable with the Class F Ring type or blind type flange.

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