What are AWWA C228 Flanges?

Flanges are a quintessential part of any major pipeline system. From waterworks to gas pipelines and crude oil transfer, flanges facilitate the logistics of global fluid motions by improving structure resilience and strength and smoothening inter-transfer between two networks.

The AWWA C228 is a specific range of flange systems that the American Water Works Association regulates. It is a standard terminology that refers to ring-type slip-on flanges and blind flanges made out of stainless steel. It is different from the AWWA C207 standard, which is made out of high-carbon steel.

The AWWA C228 standard is particularly used in the waterworks industry, helping to withstand water pressures from 86 psi up to 300 psi. It is used in waterworks systems that supply on the scale of a small city or large suburban town.

The AWWA C228 comes in four classes: Class SB, Class SD, Class SE, and Class SF. All of these come in the variants of either a ring-type slip-on or a blind flange. According to AWWA regulations, it is advised that the joints be welded together for maximum efficiency and safety.

The AWWA C228 Class SB has a pressure rating of 86 psi, which is the least out of the four classes. In increasing order, Class SD has a pressure rating of 150 psi, Class SE has a rating of 275 psi, and Class SF has a rating of 300 psi and upwards. All of these readings are done at atmospheric temperature levels, so there can be differences and variances depending on geography, altitude, and climate.

The AWWA C228 Class SF has the same bolting pattern and outer diameter as the C207 Class SF ring and blind. The Class SF starts from a size 10, which has an outer diameter of 10 inches and goes on to size 48, which has an outer diameter of 65 inches.

What is the Pressure Rating for AWWA C228?

All AWWA-rated flanges have a pressure rating measured in pressure per square inch or psi. The AWWA C228, like its C207 counterpart, has varying pressure ratings depending on the flange class. The lowest class, class SB, has a pressure rating of 86 psi, while the highest class, Class SF, has a pressure rating of 300 psi and upwards.

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AWWA C228 Flanges Commonly Asked Questions

What types of flanges are covered by AWWA C228?

AWWA C228 primarily covers slip-on, blind, and threaded flanges made of stainless steel for use in water service. These flanges are used to connect pipes, valves, and other equipment in water distribution systems.

What are the key requirements for flange materials in AWWA C228?

AWWA C228 specifies that flanges should be made from stainless steel materials that meet specific chemical and mechanical properties, ensuring corrosion resistance and durability in water service environments.

Are there specific dimensions and tolerances for AWWA C228 flanges?

Yes, AWWA C228 provides detailed dimensions and tolerances for flanges, including flange face dimensions, bolt hole spacing, and flange thickness. These dimensions are critical for ensuring proper fit and compatibility with other components in the system.

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