Quality Management & Control

In the process of raw materials, manufacturing, inspection and testing, and delivery, we strictly abide by the specifications, do a good job in process control and issue various reports in time, analyze the root causes to maintain continuous improvement and implement traceability and consistency of quality without compromise. Management norms-We have devoted a lot of effort in process control, and continuously and uncompromisingly implement the management norms of traceability and consistent quality.

Internal Quality control

  • Spectrometer detection and analysis of chemical elements.
  • Metallographic analysis Mechanical performance testing (hardness, tension, yield, elongation, reduction rate, impact, etc.)
  • Ultrasonic Test
  • Portable direct-reading optical instrument.
  • Macro erosion Test.
  • Intergranular corrosion Test.
  • Liquid Penetration Test
  • Magnetic particle inspection
  • Dimensional inspection
  • Visual inspection┬á
  • Other special tests specified by the customer, we will carry out according to the customer's requirements, and actively cooperate with the third-party inspection work.

  • Raw Material

    Incoming Inspection:
    a. Visual Inspection
    b. CMTR Checking
    c. Chemical Composition Analysis

  • Blanking

    Block Inspection:
    a. Weight Inspection
    b. Diamensions Inspection
    c. Quality Inspection

  • Heat
  • Forging

    Forgings Inspection:
    a. Quantity Inspection
    b. Visual Inspection
    c. Diamensions Inspection
    d. Weight Inspection

  • Heat Treatment

    Heat Treatment Inspection:
    a. Temperature Contral
    b. Time Contral
    c. Heat Treatment Chart
    d. Mechanical Property Test
    e. Metallographic Analysis

  • Machining

    Machining Inspection:
    a. Exterior Inspection
    b. Diamensions Inspection
    c. MT Test or PT Test
    d. UT Test

  • Stamping & Clean

    Final Inspection: (Internal Contral or 3rd party detection)
    a. Quantity Inspection
    b. Visual Inspection
    c. Diamensions Inspction
    d. Roughness & Serration Face
    e. PMI Detection & Report Review
    f. Stamping
    g. Packing

  • Packing & Transport


The heating furnace is a natural gas heating furnace that works continuously, which is precise and efficient, so that the material block can be heated to a suitable forging temperature.


The forging production line composed of air hammer, ring rolling machine and press unit is suitable for the multi-specification and small-quantity manufacturing of the flange industry. Flexible production can easily complete customer orders and shorten delivery time.


Roll all kinds of seamless ring forgings to form rough blanks, which not only ensures the accuracy of the products, but also saves costs, making the products more cost-effective


The high-efficiency production of full CNC machining not only ensures the surface finish, but also makes the product size more accurate and ensures consistency. The high-speed CNC drill imported from Taiwan makes the bolt hole wall so smooth that it is hard to put it down.


Anti-rust treatment is carried out on the surface of the flange that has been machined, and the common methods are oiling, painting, galvanizing and nitrous acid coating. Oiling is the most common anti-rust treatment, which is convenient and practical.


Sufficiently thick boards ensure the firmness of the wooden box. Each layer of flanges uses partitions to prevent collisions, and the gaps are filled with extruded boards to make the whole package seamless, strong and firm, ensuring that the products are kept safe from the factory to the customer.

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